News / Educators from England and Sweden showed their interest in AnyWalker at Innorobo Trade Fair in Paris

Educators from England and Sweden showed their interest in AnyWalker at Innorobo Trade Fair in Paris

On May 24-26, 2016 Paris hosted Innorobo 2016, the Europe's largest international robotics trade fair. At the event were presented cross-country chassis AnyWalker and Promobot robot supported by the Moscow Technological Institute.

Purpose of the trade fair is a demonstration of the latest trends in the field of industrial and personal robotics. During three days, the event was attended by about 10,000 people, including scientists, representatives of universities, development institutions and large companies from 37 countries.

AnyWalker project was presented in Paris for the first time. Chassis with a unique stabilization system is able to move in any environment, open doors and overcome obstacles. After the presentation, Aldebaran Robotics, Huawei, Math Works, Maxtel Holding in Dallas, as well as the universities of Lorraine, Brussels and Prague showed their interest in this invention. Representatives of BridgeOS — platform for creating applications for robots — agreed on the possible integration of the chassis control software. Contemporary artist Pierre Estève proposed to make AnyWalker part of its installation on the theme of interaction between humans and robots in a cave in France.

In addition, educators from England and Sweden by showing their interest in AnyWalker have opened the prospects for its sale in the European market.

Igor Ryadchikov, General Director of AnyWalker:

— The capabilities of AnyWalker are much wider than we initially imagined. Each day, the device changes, expanding its functions. Our invention can be used as a platform for the robot-assistant, as well as educational courses on mechanics, programming, cybernetics, and systems and processes control theory. We have already received support in Russia, and we want as many people as possible to learn about our project. In 2 months, we are planning to launch a limited series of robots, and Innorobo is a great opportunity to explore the western market and find potential customers abroad.

Evgeny Pluzhnik, First Vice-Rector of MTI:

— Inventions supported by our university are gradually moving to the world level. During the grand opening of Innorobo, cross-country chassis was presented in a number of other robotic projects as a symbol of the exhibition. On the first day, Associated Press journalists have interviewed the General Director of AnyWalker, and big Western companies showed interested in his invention. We are confident that our projects will soon enter the worldwide educational markets.

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