News / AnyWalker project took part in the finals of GenerationS-2015 accelerator

AnyWalker project took part in the finals of GenerationS-2015 accelerator

On December 15, 2015 at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO were announced the winners of GenerationS, the federal technology startups accelerator. Innovative projects from all over Russia were competing for the first place. One of them was AnyWalker robot, presented with the support of the Moscow Technological Institute.

AnyWalker is a device that can move in any environment, open doors and overcome obstacles. The robot is used for the study of mechanics, programming, cybernetics and systems, processes and objects control theory.

AnyWalker team was awarded with a certificate for 150,000 rubles to participate in the comprehensive educational program of the Open Technology Academy.

Finals of the competition were held in the framework of the III Moscow Corporate Venture Summit. At the exhibition of startups, visitors, entrepreneurs, scientists and journalists were able to get acquainted with the inventions and talk to their creators. MTI, being the operator of the Robotics track, also introduced other projects: biometric construction laboratory BiTronicsLab and the School of Young Neurotechnologists.

Evgeny Pluzhnik, Vice-Rector of MTI:

— Moscow Technological Institute has already invested in three project of the Robotics track. We have invested about 6 million rubles in NVR virtual reality neurohelmet. For BiTronicsLab it has been allocated about 10 million rubles, and the company concludes contracts for the production of biometric construction sets. The most striking investment project of MTI is AnyWalker: we have invested 3 million rubles in the creation of a prototype, and together with partners we are planning to increase investment and to make the project commercially successful in the next two years.

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