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The Bett Show in London Featured AnyWalker Robot

On January 25-28, a leading European educational technologies exhibition, The Bett Show, was held in London. More than 500 participants from 138 countries of the world have shown their innovative projects.

Every year, this exhibition gathers the iconic developers and about 30 thousand visitors. Bett is a 30-year history event, and it continuously improves. The format of this event is adapted to the changing market trying to present the unique solutions that may find use in education.

One of the projects presented here is the AnyWalker’s chassis with super flotation ability.

The first walking robot in the world has demonstrated the unique dynamic stabilization system that enables to move on any surface. Dedicated software makes the robot stand firmly on the ground, floor, and stairs even with one leg held in the air.

This device is already in use for teaching school students in the Mosgormash quantorium and MTI’s Robotics Studio. The robot helps kids to participate in the physics experiments. They easily learn the basics of mechatronics, programming, cybernetics, systems, processes, and objects management theory.


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