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Ease of movement worthy of the future
is an ultra-mobile chassis able to move
on a difficult terrain on 2 feet
2 feet
3 orthogonal flywheel
Resistance to the tilting effects up to 100 W
Ability to overcome obstacles from 1,5 to 4,5 meters high
Approximate speed of movement in a walking mode — 5 km / h
Approximate speed of movement in a rolling mode — 10 km / h
Time of autonomous mode — 5 hours
Remote operator control
Video and photography

AnyWalker is able

To move on a difficult terrain

To open doors, turn faucets and valves and push buttons

To work within the narrow spaces of vestibules and sewers

To move within the pond bottom and to maneuver in weightlessness conditions

To overcome obstacles, exceeding the chassis size

With the use of the original stablization system it is possible to reach the stabilization of various constructions — robots, shooting platforms, UAVs and others


A kinematic robot circuit able to overcome any type of obstacles

AnyWalker with the body diameter from 40 cm to 1.5 m is able to move within any kind of environment , even if it is not adapted for humans, in cross-country

Totally new system of stabilization is adapted to your needs

AnyWalker can be integrated into service robots, alarm stabilization systems for transport, construction objects for earthquake prevention, devices for reducing the pitching of small ships, the object positioning systems, devices for people with disabilities (powered exoskeleton, 3D mobile wheelchair)

Open architecture of the software and hardware robotic platform

This allows to build your personal solutions for robotic systems based on AnyWalker chassis

Educational Platform

AnyWalker serves as an educational learning platform of mechanics, programming, robotics, cybernetics and control science in hobby groups, schools, universities and enterprises.


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